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power for light passenger and freight traffic. It is mounted on four forty-four-inch wheels and is propelled by two gearless motors suspended in such a way as to leave the wheels free to adjust themselves to the irregularities of the roadbed. This method of suspension consists in mounting the motors upon spiral springs resting on the side frames of the locomotive truck, and the armatures upon hollow shafts through which the axles of the wheels pass, the connection between the two being made by universal

PSM V43 D751 General electric thirty ton electric locomotive.jpg
Fig. 4.—General Electric Thirty-ton Electric Locomotive.

couplings. The commodious cab is constructed of sheet iron, finished in the interior in hard woods, and is given a curved shape to diminish as far as possible the air resistance. The braking power is furnished by compressed air supplied by a special electrical air compressor, and the whistle is operated by the same means. The use of the electric locomotive is not yet practicable on long lines on account of the great cost of long feeders, but this bar to its employment is certain to be overcome in time. Wher-