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McAdie, Alexander. Protection from Lightning* 453
Macdonald, James. East Central African Customs 240
Macfarlane, Andrew, M. D, The Duty of the State to the Insane 741
Mantegazza, Paolo, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 549
Mars, The Channels of. (Misc.) 281
Material View, The, of Life and its Relation to the Spiritual. G. Lusk 533
Meetings, Scientific and Other, Success with. G. Iles 463
Mercer, H. C. Prehistoric Jasper Mines in the Lehigh Hills* 662
Miles, Manly. How Plants and Animals grow 503
Mills, Wesley. The Cultivation of Humane Ideas and Feelings 46
Minot, Charles Sedgwick. Structural Plan of the Human Brain* 372
Miracles, Modern. E. P. Evans 192
Misery, Aids to. (Editor's Table) 839
Moral Evolution. (Editor's Table) 124
Morocco, Life in. (Misc.) 285
Mountain Regions, Unexplored. (Misc.) 861
"Scenery, Contrasts in. (Misc.) 281

"Natural Selection," The Inadequacy of. H. Spencer 21
"Natural Selection," The Inadequacy of. H. Spencer 162

Obituary Notes.—Axel Wilhelmovitch Gadolin, Nikolai Ivanovitch Koksharoff, François van Rysselberghe, Henry F. Blackford 144
F. O. Morris 288
Ludwig Lindenschmit, Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyramus de Candolle 432
T. Wolle, Giuseppe Antonio Pasquale, Karl Semper 720
Charles Pritchard, Jean Martin Charcot 864
Ocean, Derelicts on the. (Misc.) 713
Oil, Why a Film of, can calm the Sea.* G. W. Littlehales 494
Old, Why Grow? N. E. Yorke-Davies 226
Orchards, Protection of, against Frost. (Misc.) 138
Ornaments, The Lip and Ear, of the Botocudus.* J. C. Branner 753
Oswego State Normal School.* W. M. Aber 51

Parental Discipline, The Limits of. (Misc.) 715
Pasteur's Seventieth Birthday. (Misc.) 140
Perfumes, Coal-tar. (Misc.) 425
Photographing Savages, (Misc.) 570
Plant Group, A Characteristic Southwestern.* H. L. Clarke 786
Platinum and its Sources. (Misc.) 575
Plumb, Charles S. How Science is helping the Farmer 100
Poor, Private Relief of the. H. Spencer 307
Powell, J. W. Are there Evidences of Man in the Glacial Gravels? 316
Prehistoric Jasper Mines in the Lehigh Hills.* H. C. Mercer 662
"Jeweled Teeth. (Misc.) 569
Prisons, Reformatory, and Lombroso's Theories. H. Zimmern 598
Psychology, The Progress of. J. M. Cattell 779

Rattlesnake's Rattle, The. (Misc.) 862
River's Character, Factors of a. (Misc.) 282