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Books noticed 127
Books noticed 270
Books noticed 413
Books noticed 557
Books noticed 703
Books noticed 843
Adams, E. Herbert, M.D. Prevention of Tuberculosis in Ontario 566
Addresses, Centennial and Quadrennial 130
Aëronautics 279
Allen, Harrison, M. D. A Monograph of the Bats of North America 710
Atkinson, George F. The Study of the Biology of Ferns by the Collodion Method 564
Badenoch, L. N. Romance of the Insect World 420
Ball, Sir Robert S. The Story of the Sun 127
Bancroft, H. H. The Book of the Fair 852
Barber, E. A. Pottery and Porcelain 130
Bateson, W. Materials for the Study of Variation 559
Bedell, Frederick, and Albert Gushing Crehore. Alternating Currents 417
Bennett, Charles W. History of the Philosophy of Pedagogics 568
Blow, Susan E. Symbolic Education 275
Boehmer, George H. Prehistoric Naval Architecture of the North of Europe 564
Bonham, John M. Secularism: its Progress and Morals 133
Bourland, A. M. Entolai 852
Bradley, F. H. Appearance and Reality 707
Brinton, Daniel G. Nagualism 710
Brodbeck. Adolf. Die zehn Gebote der Jesuiten 564
Brooks, John Graham. Compulsory Insurance in Germany 710
Brooks, William K. The Genus Salpa 272
Budge, E. A. Wallis. The Mummy 413
Carus, Paul. Primer of Philosophy 131
The Religion of Science 567
Catalog of A. L. A. Library 279
Chase, G. N., and H. W. Kirchner. The Coming Railroad 851
Chatelain Heli. Folk Tales of Angola 844
Chief of Engineers, United States Army. Annual Report for 1893, Part I 567
Clark, Charles H. Practical Methods in Microscopy 423
Clarke, Frank W. Report of the Division of Chemistry and Physics, 1891 852
Cooley, Le Roy C. Laboratory Studies In Elementary Chemistry 565
Corning, J. Leonard. Pain: its Neuro-pathological. Diagnostic, Medico-legal, and Neuro-therapeutic Relations 414
Dahlstrom, Karl P. The Mechanics of Hoisting Machinery 711
Darton, Nelson H. Record of North American Geology for 1890 852
Davis, Charles M. Standard Tables for Electric Wiremen 135
Davis, William Morris. Elementary Meteorology 707
C. F. King, and G. L. Collie. The Use of Government Maps in Schools 849
Day, David T. Mineral Resources of the United States 710
Dawson, George M. Coasts and Islands of Bering Sea 848
Geology of Middleton Island, Alaska 848
Dawson, Sir J. William. The Canadian Ice Age 277
Dean, Bashford. Contributions to the Morphology of Cladoselache 849
—Report on the European Methods of Oyster Culture 134
Denison, Charles. Climates of the United States 564
Dumble, Edwin T. Report on the Brown Coal and Lignite of Texas 134
Dupuis, N. F. Elements of Solid Geometry 850
Evermann, Barton W., and William C. Kendall. The Fishes of Texas and the Rio Grande Basin 711
Factors in American Civilization 703
Fiske, John. Edward Livingston Youmans, Interpreter of Science for the People 270
Fletcher, William I. Public Libraries in America 561
Flint, Weston. Statistics of Public Libraries 851
Foreman Pattern-maker. Helical Gears 848
Gannett, Henry. Average Elevation of the United States 711
Gingell, Miss Julia Raymond. Aphorisms from the Writings of Herbert Spencer 559
Glazebrook, R. T. Heat 423
—Light 423
Gray, Asa. Letters 273
Greaves, John A. A Treatise on Elementary Hydrostatics 422
Greenhill, Alfred G. Treatise on Hydrostatics 709
Guimps, Roger de. Pestalozzi, his Aim and Work 851
Harvard Astronomical Observatory Annals 565
—Report for 1893 565
Hertz, Heinrich. Electric Waves 420
Hitchcock, Romeyn. The Ainos of Yezo 708
—Shinto, or the Mythology of the Japanese 708
Hoffmann, Charles Frederic. Christ, the Patron of all Education 564
Holden, Edward S. Earthquakes in California in 1890 and 1891 852
Hollick, Arthur. Additions to the Palæobotany of Long Island 849
—Geology and Botany of Martha's Vineyard 850
—Geology of the North Shore of Long Island 849
Horsford, Miss Cornelia. Leifs House in Vineland, and Graves of the Northmen 279