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Newbold, William Romaine. Suggestibility, Automatism, and Kindred Phenomena. I. Mental Co-ordination and Organization 193
II. The Properties of Mental States. The Conception of the Subconscious 375
III. Disordination and Inco-ordination 520
Niagara, Harnessing, Prof. Forbes on. E. A. Le Sueur 198
Noble, Edmund. Imitation among Atoms and Organisms 492

Obituary Notes. James Constantine Pilling, Charles V. Riley, H. Baillon, E. F. I. Hoppe-Seyler, Louis Pasteur 144
Joseph Thomson, Joseph Granville Norwood 288
Albert E. Foote, H. Hellriegel 432
Robert Brown 576
Michael S. Bebb. George Lawson, Francis Payne Poucher 864
Ocean Bottoms, Constituents of. (Frag.) 281
Onyx Marble. (Frag.) 283
Oppenheim, Nathan. The Stamping out of Crime 527
O'Shea, M. V. Educational Values in the Elementary School 675
Ostwald, Wilhelm. The Failure of Scientific Materialism 589
Owen, David Dale, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 259
Oysters, Hygiene of. (Frag.) 572

Paper Mill, A Natural. V. G. Eaton 278
Pasteur's Successor. (Frag.) 571
Pause, Perhaps, not Reaction. (Table) 412
Piano Touch. (Frag.) 860
Pithecanthropus Erectus. (Frag.) 287
Plants, Giant Mountain. (Frag.) 284
Population, Has Immigration increased? S. G. Fisher 244
"The Drift of, in France. (Corr.) S. G. Fisher 412
Prison Congress, The Fifth International. S. J. Barrows 395
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 49
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 265
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 412
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 557
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 697
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 841
Profit-sharing, Both Sides of. F. G. Mather 401
Prudden, T. Mitchell. New Outlooks in the Science and Art of Medicine 359
Pyburn, George. Alcohol and Crime. (Corr.) 697

Quacks and the Reason of Them.* A. Cartaz 821

Race, The Meaning of. (Frag.) 431
Railroad Development, A Dream of. (Frag.) 429
Rays, The X.* J. Trowbridge 771
Religion for the Age. (Table) 124
"of Savages, Sir John Lubbock and the. J. Carmichael 220
Ripley, William Z. Acclimatization 662
Ripley, William Z. Acclimatization 779
Rituals, Old, Tenacity of. (Frag.) 282
Robinson, Norman. The Ways and Means of Ants 826
Rodway, James. The Coming of the Rains in Guiana 652
Röntgen's, Prof., X Rays. (Frag.) 857