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Ice, The Physics of. (Illustrated) 399
Improvement of Human Life 383
Insanity, Law and 77
Insurance Value 235

Jasmine Flowering Early 127
Joule, Dr. J. P., Sketch of. (Portrait) 103

Lake Superior Gold-Mines 380
Lava-Flood, The Great, of the West 381
Law and Insanity 77
"Science of 596
Le Conte, Dr. J. L., Sketch of. (Portrait) 622
Life, Human, Improvement of 383
Life in an Attenuated Atmosphere 379
Light, The Crooked Courses of. (Illustrated) 32
Limits of our Knowledge of Nature 17
Lizard, an Edible 763

Malayan Civilization, an Ancient Relic of 123
Man, Natural History of. (Illustrated) 513
Materials of the Science of Law 596
Measures of Mental Capacity. (Illustrated) 72
Mental Disease, Responsibility in 240
Mental Evolution and Necessary Truths 357
"Physiology 705
Mentone, Fossil Man of. (Illustrated) 641
Microscopic Architects. (Illustrated) 645
Moquis Indians of Arizona. (Illustrated) 351
More about the Grape-Vine Pest. (Illustrated) 158
Mound Prairies 506
Movement of Storms 639

Natural History of Man. (Illustrated) 513
Nature, Limits of our Knowledge of 17
Nature's Distribution of Trees 126
Nebula of Orion, Telescopic Research on. (Illustrated) 257
Need of a New Chronology 379
Newcomb, Professor 125
New Process for the Preservation of Wood 228
Nicaragua, A Naturalist's Observations in 89
Nitrogen of the Soil 765
Nobility of Knowledge 610
Nostalgia 215
Notes 127
Notes 255
Notes 384
Notes 511
Notes 640
Notes 766

Ocean, Temperature of the 507
Orion, Telescopic Research on Nebula of. (Illustrated) 257
Oxygen Centennial 628
"Discovery of, by Priestley 385
"in Water, Determination of 126

Pacific, Topography of the Bed of 508
Paints, Why they crack and peel 381
Peabody Museum of Natural History 638
Pelican, An Aged 254
Penikese, Anderson School at 253
Pharmacopoeia, An International 760
Photography, Recent Researches in 717