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y^ Mystery Story of New 2"ork City

The Circular Study

��3 E


f-^ " Mrs. Rohlfs has elevated the detective story to a

-^— ^ higher plane than any other contemporary writer.

She has a positive genius for strong and original plots,

and her stvle is well adapted to her purpose."

— Boston Transcript. Cloth. \zmo, 5'ax7^. $1.25.

A New Austrian Novel

The Day of Wrath

T MAURUS jdKAI. A powerful novel of Austrian life. The character of the storv may be inferred from the title. Its publication will increase Dr. JfikaT's fame as a maker of stirring and strong literature. Cloth. izmo, S/i x 7}i- la Press. A Pronounced Success

Monsieur Beaucaire

JT\ T BOOTH TARKINGTON, author of "The Gentleman from Indiana."

/~~\ " Monsieur Beaucaire was a clever and cool and interesting gentleman, as

anybody may see for himself who will be so sensible and so wise as to read

the story. . . . It is an unusually clever piece of work." — Harper' 1 s Weekly.

With decorations by C. E. Hooper, and illustrations in two colors 6y C. D.

Williams. Third edition. i zmo, ■; ' 8 x ~ 5 '%. % i . z 5 .



��The Green Flag

��r A. CON AN DOYLE. "The volume will be read by those who love a good tale for its own sake." — The Bookman.

" This is one of the very smartest volumes of short stories that have been published of late. There is not a really dull page in the book."

— AVer Fork Times Saturday Review. Third edition. \zmo, 5^3x7^3. §1.50.

Love and Adventure in War

The Fugitives

T) r MORLET ROBERTS. The heroine, an at- A\ tractive British girl, sends her lover to South Africa, -*—** to rescue her sister's lover, who has been captured and taken to Pretoria. The main part of the story deals with the extraordinary adventures of this young man, who succeeds in getting into Pretoria unperceived, and rescu- ing his friend. The narrative is spirited and the action moves steadily along. Interesting pen pictures of President Kruger, Dr. Leyds, and others are given. It is Mr. Roberts's latest and best book.


���zmo, 5^3 x 7^4



��� �