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F. W. Putnam, Professor of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard Uni versity; Curator of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History.

J. K. Rees, Director of the Columbia College Observatory.

Jacob Reighard, Professor of Zoology, University of Michigan.

Ira Remsen, Professor of Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University.

Edward Renouf, Collegiate Professor of Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University.

T. W. Richards, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University.

William Z. Ripley, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Economics, Massachu setts Institute of Technology.

Ogden N. Rood, Professor of Physics, Columbia University.

Josiah Royce, Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University.

Israel C. Russell, Professor of Geology, University of Michigan.

James E. Russell, Professor of the History of Education, Teachers College, Co- lumbia University and Dean of the College.

Rollin D. Salisbury, Professor of Geographical Geology, University of Chicago.

Charles Schuchert, Division of Stratigraphy and Paleontology, United States Na- tional Museum.

E. A. De Schweinitz, Chief of the Bio-Chemic Division, Dept. of Agriculture. Samuel H. Scudder, Cambridge, Mass.

William T. Sedgwick, Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Tech. N. S. Shaler, Professor of Geology, Harvard University. Edgar F. Smith, Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania. Theobald Smith, Professor of Comparative Pathology, Harvard University.

F. Starr, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Chicago. M. Allen Starr, Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University.

W. Le Conte Stevens, Professor of Physics, Washington and Lee University. George M. Sternberg, U. S. A., Surgeon-General. J. J. Stevenson, Professor of Geology, New York University. Charles Wardell Stiles, Bureau of Animal Industry, Washington, D. C. H. N. Stokes, United States Geological Survey.

F. H. Storer, Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, Harvard University. George F. Swan, Professor of Civil Engineering, Mass. Institute of Technology. Elihu Thomson, Lvnn, Mass.

R. H. Thurston, Director of Sibley College for Mechanical Engineering, Cornel; University.

E. B. Titchener, Professor of Psychology, Cornell University. William Trelease, Director of the Missouri Botanical Garden. John Trowbridge, Professor of Physics, Harvard University. L. M. Underwood, Professor of Botany, Columbia University.

F. P. Venable, President of the University of North Carolina. Charles D. Walcott, Director of the U. S. Geological Survey. Henry B. Ward, Professor of Zoology, University of Nebraska. Andrew D. White, United States Ambassador to Germany.

Burt G. Wilder, Professor of Physiology and Neurology, Cornell University.

H. W. Wiley, Division of Chemistry, United States Department or Agriculture.

Bailey Willis, United States Geological Survey.

E. B. Wilson, Professor of Zoology, Columbia University.

R. W. Wood, Professor of Physics, University of Wisconsin.

R. S. Woodward, Professor of Mechanics and Mathematical Physics, Columbia

University. Arthur W. Wright, Professor of Experimental Physics, Yale University. Carroll D. Wright, Commissioner of Labor. T< ™- L^~* Luicail. W. J. Youmans, lately Editor -' "\.~ jtopular Science Monthly. C. A. Young, Director Lasted Observatory, Princeton University.

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