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PSM V64 D138 A winged tetrahedral cell and a sixteen celled kite.png

Fig. 3. A. A Winged Tetrahedral Cell.
C. A Sixteen-celled Tetrahedral Kite.

The Method of Building up Kites with Tetrahedral Cells. The four-celled kite B weighs four times as much as one cell and has four times as much wing-surface; the sixteen-celled kite C has sixteen times as much weight and sixteen times as much wing-surface; and the sixty-four celled kite D has sixty-four times as much weight and sixty-four times as much

the efficiency nor the size of a kite could be increased by using many small Hargrave box cells instead of two large box cells.

The problem was then to invent a new cell, one that could be used in combination. Circular cells, polygonal cells of six, eight and