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out loss—even much gain in the way of structural effect. Practically the present barrack building is left intact, a few simple exterior changes excepted, the advantage of a spacious quadrangle is retained, while sufficient dormitories, light, airy and well swept by prevailing breezes, are provided. Instead of the present inadequate lodging an administration building is planned, not only serviceable but calculated to increase greatly the effect of unity with variety.

In the comprehensive system thus designed, the requirements of the future have not been unheeded. The probabilities of still greater

PSM V64 D042 Riding hall and post headquarters of west point.png

South Gates.

expansion than any now contemplated sedulously and with rare judgment have been pointed out. By the removal of the gymnasium to another suitable locality, the barracks could be prolonged to the westward, furnishing quarters for nearly three hundred more cadets in addition to the present large increase in the corps; the natural amphitheater at the foot of the hill back of the line of professors' quarters on the plain suggests the erection of a stadium for athletics—baseball, cricket, football and the like. The natural slope could there easily be so managed as to give seating for six thousand spectators. The removal of the cavalry and artillery ground to the southerly end of the reservation was recommended by the officers' board, and this feature will be incorporated in the design.

It is not to disparage the earnest efforts of preceding administrations of either the academy or the war department to say that heretofore little has been done in the way of symmetry of proportion or in