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Professor Wilhelm Waldeyer, of the University of Berlin, Honorary Vice-president of the Congress for Germany, who gave the address on Human Anatomy. The portraits illustrating this article were taken for The Popular Science Monthly by Mrs. Jessie Tarbox Beals, Press Photographer, St. Louis, Mo.

which their enterprise had erected. Imposing as is the mere array of the visible tokens of progress in material civilization—a progress born of science, nourished by science, and in its turn begetting science—the whole must appear considerably more impressive when seen to be, as it really is, the outer expression of the inner intellectual life of mankind, the index of its vigor and plenitude, and the earnest of its future possibilities. Almost all the departmental exhibits, including manufactures, machinery, electricity, transportation, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, mines and metallurgy, and the like, illustrate directly the progress of applied science, while all, without exception, depend for their existence upon its development. Government and social economy presuppose some kind of philosophy and even a certain amount of knowledge, and both will increasingly apply the methods and results of science. Even the fine arts, quite apart from their technique, appeal to the reason and depend upon criticism. Some of the exhibits