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Yen. United states
Tailors for foreign clothing 1.00 .48
Blacksmiths .75 .36
Printers .40 .19
Ship carpenters .60 .29
Compositors .60 .29
Common laborers .40 .19
Confectioners .35 .17
Farm laborers, per month 3.00 1.44
It is little wonder that these strange foreigners, when they come to the United States, are willing to work for 60 and 70 cents a day, which is more than double the wages for which they were compelled to work in Japan. As a result of this unnatural competition the white laborer has been driven from the field wherever the coolie system has found a foothold.

The Japanese adopts our dress and manners, but his Americanization never extends beyond external appearances. The yellow and the white races are as immiscible as oil and water. No forces of education or civilization can make aught but an Asiatic out of a Chinese or a Japanese. There can be no assimilation, nor do they desire it. They simply intend to hoard a certain amount of American gold and go back to Japan or China to pass the remainder of their lives in comparative ease. While here, their one idea is the hoarding of money; to earn as much and deny themselves as much as is compatible with human endurance. They have no interest in our government, in our laws or in us, other than that which concerns the attainment of their object.

Aside from the economic aspects of Japanese immigration, there is one other objectionable feature of this second yellow invasion which is worthy of note. They bring more cases absolutely and relatively of contagious disease than any other nationality coming here. During 1903, one Japanese out of every 37 arrived was deported as afflicted with a loathsome or dangerous contagious disease. The coming of the Japanese merchant, professional man or student should be permitted, just as we now permit the same class of Chinese to enter freely, but the coolie laborer, whether Japanese or Chinese, is an unfair competitor for our white laborer, and with his high percentage of disease is an element of danger to the public health.