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PSM V72 D292 Franz Boas.png
PSM V72 D292 Henry Paul Talbot.png
Professor Franz Boas,
Vice-president of the Section for Anthropology.
Professor Henry P. Talbot,
Vice-president of the Section of Chemistry.

few years of its history a position in scientific research rivaled only by Harvard and Columbia.

The four vice-presidents of the association whose portraits are given are Dr. Ludwig Hektoen, professor of pathology in the University of Chicago and director of the Memorial Institute for Infectious Diseases, known for his work in pathological anatomy and bacteriology; Dr. E. B. Wilson, professor of zoology in Columbia University, eminent for his contributions to cytology and experimental morphology; Dr. Franz Boas, of Columbia University, whose researches have given him the leading place among anthropologists in the country, and Dr. Henry P. Talbot, one of those who has made the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a great center for chemical research as well as instruction. When the American Association can secure officers such as those mentioned here, we can with satisfaction place our working men of science beside those of any other nation.


We regret to record the death of Mr. Morris K. Jesup, president of the American Museum of Natural History. By his will $1,000,000 is given to the museum. Professor Henry F. Osborn, curator of vertebrate paleontology and professor in Columbia University, has been elected president of the institution to succeed Mr. Jesup.

The hundredth anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, which occurred on February 12, 1909, and the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the origin of species, which occurred on November 24, 1859, will be celebrated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science at its Baltimore meeting a year hence. Cambridge University also proposes an adequate celebration.

Professor Reginald W. Brock, professor of geology in the School of Mining, Kingston, has been appointed director of the Geological Survey of Canada.—M. Bailloud, of the Toulouse Observatory, has been appointed director of the Paris Observatory.—M. Henri Becquerel has been elected president of the Paris Academy of Sciences, and is succeeded in the vice-presidency by M. Bouchard.