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PSM V74 D117 Agricultural department building at the exposition.png

Agricultural Department Building.

needlework and embroidery, baskets, furniture and woodenware, and oil paintings, and a copy of "Der Urwaldsbote," published in Blumenau, shows that the language of the Fatherland is not forgotten in the midst of the new surroundings of Brazil.

Mere enumeration of the kinds of exhibits is tedious alike to writer and to reader; it leaves a confused impression on the mind. In any exposition, even a small one such as this in Rio, the best that can be done is to single out a few things for special mention. The exhibit made by the director of the Botanical Garden is representative, so far as it was possible to make it under the circumstances. In and around a glass pavilion there are shown, in pots, 1,337 selected plants, all carefully