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the industries increase, until, in San Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catharina and Rio Grande do Sul, they reach their maximum variety and highest development. Rich in promise for the future is the immense western state of Matto Grosso, across which a new railroad line has recently been surveyed, to connect the railroads of San Paulo on the east with those of Bolivia on the west. Matto Grosso sends to this exposition

PSM V74 D122 The minas geraes building at the exposition.png
The Minas Geraes Building.
A stately and solidly constructed building, expressing the power and wealth of the great central State. It was designed by the Brazilian architect, Rebecchi.

specimens of its sugar and farina and rice and corn; of its herbs; and of its woods, including the famous quebracho and shows, by means of photographs, some of its great herds of cattle. The state now has