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PSM V79 D432 Martin river glacier viewed from chezum group.png
View from Chezum Group, West of Canyon Creek, looking over Martin River Glacier to the Chugach Mountains beyond.

Gas has been found in several of the tunnels; hence, in mining, safety devices will be necessary.


At more than 300 places within the field more or less development work has been done. But no extensive mining has been carried on. The most prevalent kind of work consists of small surface openings. However, more than 30 drifts or tunnels have been run with an aggregate length of more than 3,000 feet. The most systematic development work has been done on the Cunningham, the Controller Bay, the English

PSM V79 D432 Lake charlotte and the mountains beyond viewed from english co claims.png
View from the English Company Claims, looking over Lake Charlotte to the mountains beyond.