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Professor Ed. Suess,

Emeritus Professor of Geology in the University of Vienna.

extended report, devoting many pages to it. Nothing of that kind happens in America. The general organization of society here accounts for the absence of social functions which can perhaps be well spared, but it seems to be unfortunate that a democratic society does not take an active interest in the scientific work which has made possible its existence and on which it depends for its extension and permanence.

At Portsmouth, Professor E. A. Schäfer, the eminent physiologist of the University of Edinburgh, was elected to preside over the meeting to be held next year at Dundee. The association will meet the following year in Birmingham, and in 1914 or 1915 a visit is planned to Australia. The British Association has in recent years met in South Africa and in Canada, and in this way fulfils its national and imperial functions better than the American Association, which has never met i further west than Denver. It may be hoped that our association will in 1915 meet on the Pacific coast and at Hawaii. It might be possible to arrange that those members who were able should proceed to Australasia to attend the meetings there, while British and Australian men of science might join our association at Hawaii and in California, with an opportunity to visit the San Francisco Exposition, which should aim to surpass the St. Louis Exposition in its scientific congresses.