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��Popular Science Monthly

���The tiny electric locomotive on the small track is as mighty, weight for weight, as the

giant which fills the background

��Not a Toy — A Real Locomotive

THE engineer is standing next to the largest electric locomotive in the world. But the youngster in the fore- ground is not a top by any means; it is a lusty, able, mining locomotive weighing

���A British army tractor which crossed England despite many difficulties

��five thousand pounds. Pound for pound and volt for volt, it can draw just as heavy a load as its big brother behind, which weighs five hundred and sixty thousand pounds. The big motor is driven by a current of three thousand volts, while the "toy" which runs on a twenty-inch gage track, is driven by a self-con- tained storage-battery, de- livering eighty-five volts.

A Difficult Journey for an Army Tractor

WAR certainly gives rise to strange exigencies. In the illustration may be seen a big tractor transport- ing a large, awkward load through a flooded road in Berkshire, England. Diffi- culties were encountered eve- ry mile. Telegraph wires were always in the way, tree branches seemed surprisingly numerous, and arches reared themselves in the path of the vehicle.

�� �