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Population Registration.


Act No. 30 of 1950.

Certain classes of persons may be exempted from provisions of this Act.

21. (1) The Governor-General may by proclamation in the Gazette exclude, for a specified or unspecified period, from the provisions of this Act or exempt, for a specified or unspecified period and either unconditionally or subject to such conditions as may be prescribed in the proclamation, from any specified provisions thereof—


persons employed in the Union in the service of a foreign government (other than persons engaged locally);


members of any military, naval or air force of the Union or any other government;


officers and crews of ships or aircraft calling temporarily at Union ports;


any other class of persons, or persons or class of persons ordinarily resident in any specified area, the generality of the provisions of this paragraph not being limited by the provisions of the preceding paragraphs,

and may in like manner amend or withdraw any such proclamation.

(2) Paragraph (d) of sub-section (1) shall not be construed as authorizing the Governor-General to exclude from the provisions of this Act persons whose names were at any time after the fixed date required under this Act to be included in the register, or to exempt from any of the provisions of this Act any persons who were at any time after the date fixed in terms of section fourteen subject to those provisions.

(3) An immigration officer may, subject to the directions of the Minister and for such period of not exceeding six months as he may deem fit, exempt from those provisions of this Act which relate to the production of identity cards, any person who enters the Union for a temporary purpose.

(4) The Director may extend any period for which an exemption has been granted under sub-section (3) by such further period or periods as he may deem fit.

(5) An immigration officer shall forthwith advise the Director of every exemption granted by him in terms of sub-section (3) and every such exemption and every extension of such exemption under sub-section (4) shall be noted by the immigration officer or the Director, as the case may be, on the passport of the person concerned.

(6) The provisions of this Act relating to the issue of identity cards shall not, during the period of an exemption granted under sub-section (3) or during an extension of such period under sub-section (4), apply in respect of the person to whom the exemption relates.

Extension of application of Act.

22. The Governor-General may, after consultation with the Executive Committee of the territory of South-West Africa, by proclamation in the Gazette and subject to such conditions, modifications and exceptions as may be prescribed in the proclamation, apply the provisions of this Act to the said territory.