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      And who made terror, madness, crime, remorse,
      Which from the links of the great chain of things
      To every thought within the mind of man
      Sway and drag heavily, and each one reels
      Under the load towards the pit of death;
      Abandoned hope, and love that turns to hate;
      And self-contempt, bitterer to drink than blood;
      Pain, whose unheeded and familiar speech
      Is howling, and keen shrieks, day after day;
      And Hell, or the sharp fear of Hell?

                                            He reigns.

      Utter his name; a world pining in pain
      Asks but his name; curses shall drag him down.

      He reigns.

                  I feel, I know it: who?

                                           He reigns.

      Who reigns? There was the Heaven and Earth at first,
      And Light and Love; then Saturn, from whose throne
      Time fell, an envious shadow; such the state
      Of the earth's primal spirits beneath his sway,
      As the calm joy of flowers and living leaves
      Before the wind or sun has withered them
      And semivital worms; but he refused