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      The rocks are cloven, and through the purple night
      I see cars drawn by rainbow-wingèd steeds
      Which trample the dim winds; in each there stands
      A wild-eyed charioteer urging their flight.
      Some look behind, as fiends pursued them there,
      And yet I see no shapes but the keen stars;
      Others, with burning eyes, lean forth, and drink
      With eager lips the wind of their own speed,
      As if the thing they loved fled on before,
      And now, even now, they clasped it. Their bright locks
      Stream like a comet's flashing hair; they all
      Sweep onward.

                     These are the immortal Hours,
      Of whom thou didst demand. One waits for thee.

      A Spirit with a dreadful countenance
      Checks its dark chariot by the craggy gulf.
      Unlike thy brethren, ghastly Charioteer,
      Who art thou? Whither wouldst thou bear me? Speak!

      I am the Shadow of a destiny
      More dread than is my aspect; ere yon planet
      Has set, the darkness which ascends with me
      Shall wrap in lasting night heaven's kingless throne.

      What meanest thou?