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Ch. 14.

Short Titles Act 1896.

59 & 60 Vict.

Session and Chapter. Title. Short Title.

37 & 38 Vict. c. 3. An Act to enable the Secretary of State in Council of India to raise Money in the United Kingdom for the Service of the Government of India. The East India Loan  Act, 1874.
37 & 38 Vict. c. 12. An Act the title of which begins with the words " An Act to make provision," and ends with the words " for India in Council." The East India Annuity Funds  Act, 1874.
37 & 38 Vict. c. 20. An Act to provide for the Exemption of Churches and Chapels in Scotland from Local Rates and Assessment. The Rating Exemptions (Scotland)  Act, 1874.
37 & 38 Vict. c. 23. An Act to amend the Acts regulating the Salaries of Resident Magistrates in Ireland and the Salaries of the Chief Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Police District of Dublin Metropolis. The Resident Magistrates and Police Commissioners Salaries  Act, 1874.
37 & 38 Vict. c. 37. An Act to alter and amend the Law as to Appointments under Powers not exclusive. The Powers of Appointment  Act, 1874.
37 & 38 Vict. c. 38. An Act to extend the Jurisdiction of Courts of the Colony of the Straits Settlements to certain Crimes and Offences committed out of the Colony. The Straits Settlements Offences  Act, 1874.
37 & 38 Vict. c. 41. An Act to amend the Colonial Attornies Relief Act. The Colonial Attorneys Relief  Act, 1874.
37 & 38 Vict. c. 52. An Act to make regulations for preventing Collisions in the Sea Channels leading to the River Mersey. The Mersey Collisions  Act, 1874.
37 & 38 Vict. c. 63. An Act to facilitate the re-arrangement of the Boundaries of Arch-deaconries and Rural Deaneries. The Archdeaconries and Rural Deaneries  Act, 1874.
37 & 38 Yict. c. 66. An Act to enlarge the Jurisdiction of the Civil Bill Courts in Ireland in respect to the recovery of Balances due on partnership Accounts, and in respect of Actions involving Questions of Title to corporeal and incorporeal Hereditaments. The Civil Bill Courts (Ireland)  Act, 1874.
37 & 38 Vict. c. 82. An Act to alter and amend the Laws relating to the Appointment of Ministers to Parishes in Scotland. The Church Patronage (Scotland)  Act, 1874.