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17.Franklin Township in Snyder.

F³. 167

double bed, 3’ below and 8” above, separated by 15 and very leun in iron.

The Sand Vein ore bed has not been worked east of Mid- dleburg, though its outcrop shows along the ridge as a thin and lean bed. West of Middleburg, towards Paxtonville, the ridge becomes more prominent, but the several openings made upon the ore bed were all immediately abandoned on account of the small thickness of the bed.

The Danville beds have proved of slight importance here as well. They increase in size somewhat west of Paxton- ville, but have never yielded much ore in this township; and the Bird’s Hye fossil ore bed, the lowest stratum of the series, which has been so largely worked in the past on the crest of the Shade mountain anticlinal further east, has never been developed on the steeper dips in this town- ship, although there is little doubt of its presence here as well.

The Bloomsburg red shale, or lower Salina Ve, is well exposed at the first road west of Meiser near the eastern Franklin line. The dip is about 30° northwards and the beds show some cleavage. West to a point south of Mid- dleburg the red shale belt is not very distinct, though hug- ging the valley road pretty closely until within 4 a mile of Middleburg, when it gets to the south and is replaced by the upper Salina lime shale. These latter rocks make quite a ridge west of Middleburg and north of the railroad.

The Lower Helderberg limestone ridge is not very prom- inent west of Middleburg until after passing the first gap, about $a mile west of the county seat, and there are no quarries in this part of the range. A shaly limestone out- crops in this gap on a 40° N. W. dip and not far beneath No. VIL. Between this gap and the next, a distance of one mile, the limestone is pretty well concealed by the chert of No. VII, occasional outcrops on the road, showing 40° north dips.

of shale

Limestone quarries.

John Hassenger s quarry on the eastern side of this gap, shows a dip of N, 12° W. 50°, and has exposed about 60’ of