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17.Franklin Township in Snyder.

F³. 169

Phillip Spade has the next quarry, 100 yards east, work- ing the same beds close to the roadside. The quarry has one kiln.

Kersteller & Bower and N. Walter have kilns adjoining the last party and work practically the same beds on a 40°-50° dip. | )

Peter Frain has the next kiln, 25 yards along the road, and Hartman & Beachel have asmall quarry adjoining him on theeast. About 10 yards further along the road We/frich & Ocker own an abandoned kiln. The last three quarries are practically one opening, each party owning about 50’ along the outcrop.

J. “Arnold lies next east, and there are six additional openings of the same character in the next 200 yards, all exposing about the same beds and worked from time to time for local farm use. These are: 1. Walter Stnuek. 2. W. Bailey. 3. J. Shambach. 4. E. Hummel. 5. Musser & Brunner. 6. J. Mitchel.

Hare, Swineford & Erde own quarries west of Walters, but have no kilns, and their openings look more like side cuts for the passage of the road than like limestone quarries. The entire series of quarries is comprised within a thousand feet of outcrop and much better stone could be obtained by opening between the road and the creek, if facilities ex- isted for getting the product to market. The ridge is cut off on the east by a small stream entering at the mill, and the Lower Helderberg limestone onteropis largely concealed there by the detritus derived from the broken, dow n Oris- kany sandstone ridge.

West of Paxtonville and in the center of upper Salina valley of Middle creek, a short distance north of the rail- road, there is a synclinal ridge of Lower Helderberg lime- stone, and abont 14 miles long, partly in Brantlin end partly in Beaver township; and between it and the main limestone ridge to the north there is a flat anticlinal of the Salina rocks near Grimm’s mill. Another small synclinal knob of limestone lies wholly in Beaver township to the southwest of the longer hill and south of the railroad, a little over 4 a mile in length in which there ave no quarries.