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23.Perry Township in Snyder.

F³. 211

nent ridge in this township by reason of the greater erosion of the lime shales to the north and the Marcellus slates on the south.

Limestone quarries.

Garman’s quarry is the first opening west of the Wash- ington line, located a short distance east of the road and gap leading through the ridge to Mt. Pleasant mills. The opening is an old one, about 100’ long and 40’ deep, expos- ing 45’ of good limestone beds at the bottom of No. VI, ona southeast dip of 35°. The good beds are interleaved however with shaly ones, and though there are excellent facilities for working from the end of the ridge in the gap where a judicious selection of beds could be made, there has been no attempt to do so, and all operations here have been practically abandoned.

West of Mahantango creek the limestone ridge assumes a more commanding height.

The Freemont limestone quarries occur through a dis- tance of about a quarter of a mile along the north flank of the ridge west of the publie road leading into Hiester val- ley. ‘hey consist of about 15 different openings, equipped for a large output, but forlack of a more extended market, only worked periodically for a local supply of farm lime.

The quarries in order from east westward are as follows : 1. Jacob Dreese, two kilns. 2. Heiges, one kiln. 3. 8S. Arbogast, two kilns. 4. Chas. Botts. 5. F. Tranp. 6. J. Reichenbach, one kiln. 7. Yerger, one kiln. 8. Name- less. 9. Nameless. 10. 8S. and H. Bickart.

All these quarries are located on separate lots originally owned by 8. Arborgast, and sold to individuals who now own about 50’ each along the outcrop.

Nos. 1 and 2are practically one quarry 80’ long. The dip is steep towards the southeast with an average of about 50°, the quarry showing 45’ of the section towards the bottom of No. VI and containing stone of « good quality.

No. 3. Arborgasts quarry, was actively worked in August, 1888, showing an opening about 70’ long and ex- posing 40’ of blue stone, making a decided arch, the south