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Shall catch a kindred glow, and proudly feel
His spirit burn with emulative zeal,
Buoyant with loftier hopes, his soul shall rise,
Imbued at once with nobler energies;
O'er the dim scenes of life undaunted soar,
And worlds of visionary grace explore,
Till his bold hand give glory's day-dreams birth,
And with new wonders charm admiring earth.

    Venice exult! and o'er thy moonlight seas,
Swell with gay strains each Adriatic breeze!
What tho' long-fled those years of martial fame,
That shed romantic lustre o'er thy name;
Tho' quenched the spirit of thine ancient race,
And power and freedom scarce have left a trace;
Yet still shall Art her splendors round thee cast,
And gild the wreck of years for ever past.
From thy proud dome again th' unrivalled steed,