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King Richard the Second, V. iii

Thou hast a traitor in thy presence there. 40

Boling. [Drawing.] Villain, I'll make thee safe.

Aum. Stay thy revengeful hand; thou hast no cause to fear.

York. [Within.] Open the door, secure, foolhardy king:
Shall I for love speak treason to thy face? 44
Open the door, or I will break it open.

[Bolingbroke unlocks the door; and after-
wards relocks it.]

Enter York.

Boling. What is the matter, uncle? speak;
Recover breath; tell us how near is danger,
That we may arm us to encounter it. 48

York. Peruse this writing here, and thou shalt know
The treason that my haste forbids me show.

Aum. Remember, as thou read'st, thy promise pass'd:
I do repent me; read not my name there; 52
My heart is not confederate with my hand.

York. 'Twas, villain, ere thy hand did set it down.
I tore it from the traitor's bosom, king;
Fear, and not love, begets his penitence. 56
Forget to pity him, lest thy pity prove
A serpent that will sting thee to the heart.

Boling. O heinous, strong, and bold conspiracy!
O loyal father of a treacherous son! 60
Thou sheer, immaculate, and silver fountain,
From whence this stream through muddy passages
Hath held his current and defil'd himself!
Thy overflow of good converts to bad, 64

43 secure: falsely confident
61 sheer: pure