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King Richard the Second, III. iii

Boling. Royally!
Why, it contains no king?

H. Percy. Yes, my good lord, 24
It doth contain a king: King Richard lies
Within the limits of yon lime and stone;
And with him are the Lord Aumerle, Lord Salisbury,
Sir Stephen Scroop; besides a clergyman 28
Of holy reverence; who, I cannot learn.

North. O! belike it is the Bishop of Carlisle.

Boling. [To North.] Noble lord,
Go to the rude ribs of that ancient castle, 32
Through brazen trumpet send the breath of parley
Into his ruin'd ears, and thus deliver:
Henry Bolingbroke
On both his knees doth kiss King Richard's hand, 36
And sends allegiance and true faith of heart
To his most royal person; hither come
Even at his feet to lay my arms and power,
Provided that my banishment repeal'd, 40
And lands restor'd again be freely granted.
If not, I'll use the advantage of my power,
And lay the summer's dust with showers of blood
Rain'd from the wounds of slaughter'd Englishmen 44
The which, how far off from the mind of Bolingbroke
It is, such crimson tempest should bedrench
The fresh green lap of fair King Richard's land,
My stooping duty tenderly shall show. 48
Go, signify as much, while here we march
Upon the grassy carpet of this plain.
Let's march without the noise of threat'ning drum,
That from this castle's totter'd battlements 52
Our fair appointments may be well perus'd.

40 banishment repeal'd; cf. n.
52 totter'd: ragged
53 appointments: equipment
perus'd: surveyed