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Attendance List for Environmental Quality Council Meeting -- 11/20/69

Office of the Vice President

Jerome B. Wolff, Assistant to the V. P. for Science & Technology

Department of Agriculture

Secretary Clifford M. Hardin
Ned D. Bayley, Director of Science and Education

Department of Commerce

Rocco Siciliano, Under Secretary
Myron Tribus, Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology

Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

Secretary Robert H. Finch
Jesse Steinfeld, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health & Scientific Affairs
John T. Middleton, Commissioner, National Air Pollution Control Adminis.
Charles C. Johnson, Administrator, Consumer Protection & Environmental Health Service
W. Roger Strelow, Assistant to the Secretary

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Robert M. Paul, Spec Ass't, Dir, Community Resources Development Adminis.
Sherman Unger, General Counsel

Department of State

Nathaniel Samuels, Deputy Under Secretary for Economic Affairs

Department of Transportation

Secretary John A. Volpe
James D. Braman, Assistant Secretary for Urban Systems & Environment
Oscar S. Gray, Acting Director, Office of Environmental & Urban Research

Department of the Interior

Secretary Walter J. Hickel
John R. Quarles, Assistant to the Under Secretary for Environmental Planning
G. Douglas Hofe, Director of the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation