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��Thomas, Earl of Lancaster. Sir Richard Fitz Alan, �Earl of Arundel. ���CHAPTER XL �CONTINUED SUCCESS OF THE SCOTTISH ARMS. A.D. 1316-1319. �IT is a relief to turn from the dismal record of the Irish campaign and resume the course of events in Scotland. There, too, there had been suffer- ing and anxiety, and the pages are plentifully sprin- kled with blood ; but it is at least a more inspiriting story than the ignoble slaughter of starving and half- naked kernes in a quarrel between English and Scots, for a dominion which both were striving to usurp. �There had been stirring times in King Robert's absence, and his taste for knight-errantry must have caused him some twinges of envy as he listened to the report which Douglas had to lay before him. �Not a solitary gleam of good fortune had shone on the English arms since, in the spring of 1315, John of Lorn had recaptured the Isle of Man,* which Bruce had conquered in June, 1313^ Aymer �* Bain, iii., 80. �f Barbour is wholly at fault in his account of the capture of this chieftain during King Robert's expedition to the Western Isles. �245 ��� �