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that subtle change that distinguished him was apparent. "Baron Von Glutz, I respect you for being an honest man, and a faithful one. But there has been a task that you could not grasp. There are many different kinds of brains in this world. Yours was not the kind for the place. This one requires a callosity that you don't possess. You can't cheat, or dissimulate. You can't bluff. You were not a good chancellor. So I've made you Minister of War. Do you want the place?"

The baron gave a heavy sigh, and looked doubtful. Apprehensive lest he decline the proffered portfolio, the princess hastened to urge his acceptance.

"Since there seems no way of disregarding our new advisor's wishes, Baron Von Glutz, I ask you in my own behalf to accept. If you should retire to private life you would leave me with one less friend in whom I can confide. There is none left, now, save Paulo."

The American did not dispute her; but the king looked at her strangely and said, "That is unfair, Eloise."

She paid no attention to him but walked across until she stood by the baron's side.

"For my sake, old friend," she appealed, and Von Glutz, for whom Kent was secretly rather sorry, lifted his head and said, "Very well. I accept."