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Oh, you Four Winds that blow so strong
  And know that his is true,
Stoop for a little and carry my song
  To all the men I knew!

Where there are fires against the cold,
  Or roofs against the rain—
With love fourfold and joy fourfold,
  Take them my songs again!

Dedication from "Barrack Room Ballads"

Beyond the path of the outmost sun through utter darkness hurled—
Further than ever comet flared or vagrant star-dust swirled—
Live such as fought and sailed and ruled and loved and made our world.

They are purged of pride because they died, they know the worth of their bays,
They sit at wine with the Maidens Nine and the Gods of the Elder Days—
It is their will to serve or be still as fitteth Our Father's praise.

'Tis theirs to sweep through the ringing deep where Azrael's outposts are,
Or buffet a path through the Pit's red wrath when God goes out to war,
Or hang with the reckless Seraphim on the rein of a red-maned star.