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38 C. 22–25. Anno quinquagesimo secundo Henrici III. A. D. 1267.

Bro. Riots, 2, 3.Bro. Parliament, 108F . Retorn. de Viscont. 17.Co. Lit. 145. b. 13 Co. 31.Enforced and amended by 3 Ed. 1. c. 17.liver them without Let or Gainsaying of him that took the Beasts, if they were taken out of Liberties Regist. 82, &c.2 Inst. 139(2) And if the Beasts were taken within any Liberties, and the Bailiffs of the Liberty will not deliver them, then the Sheriff, for Default of those Bailiffs, shall cause them to be delivered.'

None shall compel his Free-holder to answer for his Freehold.

'None from henceforth may distrain his Freeholders to answer for their Freeholds, nor for any Things touching their Freehold, * Not in the original * Without the King's Writ:2 Inst. 142.Enforced by 15 R. 2. c. 12 and by 16 R. 2. which gives a Forfeiture of 20l, to the King on Breach, by the compelling of Tenants, &c.(2) Nor shall cause his Freeholders to swear against their Wills; for no Man may do that without the' King's Commandment.'

A Remedy against Accomptants. Fermors shall make no Waste.

Firz. Brief, 791, 806.Fitz. Process, 203.Fitz. Exigent, 12.1 Roll. 182.2 Inst. 143. 'IT is provided also, That if Bailiffs, which ought to make account to their Lords, do withdraw themfelves, and have no Lands nor Tenements whereby they may he distrained; then they shall be attached by their Bodies, so that the Sheriff, in whose Bailiwick they be found, shall cause them to come to make their account.

Mirror 320. 5 Co. 18. Dyer, f.281. Fitz. Wast, 12, 22, 30, 32, 37, 42, 43, 46, 47, 48, 53, 68, 69, 76, 78, 82, 88. 4 Co. 63 Rast. 689. 2 Inst. 144. Enforced by 6 Ed. 1. Stat. 1. c. 5. which gives treble Damages. See farther 22 H. 6. c. 5. against whom Waste is maintainable.

'II. Also Fermors, during their Terms, shall not make Waste, * Not in the original* Sale, nor Exile of House, woods, and Men, nor of any Thing belonging to the Tenements that they have to ferm, without special Licence had by Writing of Covenant, making mention, that they may do it; which Thing if they do, and thereof be convict, they fdall yield full Damage, and shall be punished by Amerciament grievously.'

Rovifum eft eciam, quod fi Ballivi, qui dominis fuis compotum reddere tenentu'r, fe fubtraxerint, & terras & tenementa non habuerint, per quepdiftringi poffint; tunc per eorum corpora attach'ientur, ita quod Vicecomes, in cujus balliva inveniantur, eos venire faciat ad compotum fuum reddend'. Firmarii tempore firmarum fuarum vaftum vel exilium non faciant de bofcis, domibus, vel hominibus, nee de aliquibus ad tenementa que habent ad firmam fpedtaritibus, nifi fpecialem inde habuerint conceffionem, 'five convencionis mentionem, adeo quod hoc facere poffint. Et fi fecer-int, & fuper hoc convincantur, dampna plene refundant, & graviter per miferioordiam puniantur. CAP. XXIV. For what Caufes Towrifhips ought to be amerced. Amercement of Towns in Eyre.

  • 'T^'HE Juftices in Eyre from henceforth fhall not amerce Townfhips in their Circuits, becaufe Juft. in Eyre. Enquefts of the ' Death of Man. ' Fitz. Waft, 11. c,9. 53. 66, T->

■ J 3, 10 1, 103, 120 ill being twelve Years old came not afore the Sheriffs and Coroners, to make Inquiry of Robberies, Burnings of Houfes, or other Things pertaining to the Crown; fo that there come fufficient out of thofe Towns, by whom fuch Enquefts may be made full: except Enquefts for the Death of Man, whereat all being twelve Years of Age, ought to appear, unlefs they have reafonable caufe of Abfence.' 2 Inft. 147. CAP. XXV. Ufticiarii itinerantes de cetero non amercient villatas in itinere fuo, eo quod finguli duodecim annorum non venerint coram Vicecomitibus & Coronatoribus, ad inquifitiones de roberiis, & incendiis, & aliis ad Coronam fpe&antibus faciend'; dum tamen de villatis ill is venerint fufficientes, per quos hujufmodi inquificiones plene fieri poffint: exceptis inquificionibus de morte hominis faciend', ubi omnes duodecim annorum venire debent, nifi rationabilem habeant caufam abfentie fue. What kind of Man-flaughter fhall be adjudged Murther. Keyling 12:. Co. Ent. 354. a Inft. 148. 2 Roil 120. ' "T /TUrther from henceforth fhall not be judged be' l»i. fore our Juftices, where it is found Misfortune ' only, but it fhall take place in fuch as are flain by ' Felony, and not otherwife.' MUrdrum de cetero non adjudicetur coram Jufticiariis, ubi infortunium [fortunium] tantummodo adjudicaturn eft, fed locum habeat murdrum in interfe&is per feloniam, & non aliter. CAP, -->