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7. The Great Announcement 156
8. The Charge to the Count of Wei 161
9. The Announcement of the Prince of Khang 164
10. The Announcement about Drunkenness 171
11. The Timber of the Rottlera 179
12. The Announcement of the Duke of Shâo 181
13. The Announcement concerning Lo 188
14. The Numerous Officers 196
15. Against Luxurious Ease 200
16. The Prince Shih 205
17. The Charge to Kung of ℨhai 211
18. The Numerous Regions 213
19. The Establishment of Government 219
20. The Officers of Kâu 226
21. The Kün-khăn 231
22. The Testamentary Charge 234
23. The Announcement of King Khang 243
24. The Charge to the Duke of Pî 245
25. The Kün-yâ 250
26. The Charge to Khiung 252
27. The Marquis of Lü on Punishments 254
28. The Charge to the Marquis Wăn 265
29. The Speech at Pî 267
30. The Speech of the Marquis of Khin 270


I. The Name and Contents of the Shih 275
The meaning of the character Shih. The contents. Only the pieces of the fourth Part have professedly a religious character. Classification of the pieces from their form and style.
II. The Shih before Confucius, and what, if any, where his Labours Upon it 280
Statement of the Sze-mâ Khien; in the Records of the Sui Dynasty; of Kû Hsî. View of the author. Groundlessness of Khien's statement. What Confucius did for the Shih.