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VI, 136. Charm with the plant nitatni to promote the growth of hair.

1. As a goddess upon the goddess earth thou wast born, O plant! We dig thee up, O nitatni, that thou mayest strengthen (the growth) of the hair.

2. Strengthen the old (hair), beget the new! That which has come forth render more luxurious!

3. That hair of thine which does drop off, and that which is broken root and all, upon it do I sprinkle here the all-healing herb.

VI, 137. Charm to promote the growth of hair.

1. The (plant) that Gamadagni dug up to promote the growth of his daughter's hair, Vâtahavya has brought here from the dwelling of Asita.

2. With reins they had to be measured, with outstretched arms they had to be measured out. May thy hairs grow as reeds, may they (cluster), black, about thy head!

3. Make firm their roots, draw out their ends, expand their middle., O herb! May thy hairs grow as reeds, may they (cluster), black, about thy head!

IV, 4. Charm to promote virility.

1. Thee, the plant, which the Gandharva dug up for Varuna, when his virility had decayed, thee, that causest strength[1], we dig up.

2. Ushas (Aurora), Sûrya, (the sun), and this charm of mine; the bull Pragâpati (the lord of creatures) shall with his lusty fire arouse him!

  1. The original, more drastically, sepaharshanîm. By a few changes and omissions in stanzas 3, 6, and 7 the direct simplicity of the original has been similarly veiled.