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Ⅲ, 198–Ⅳ, 3.
the chapter of women.

you, and what was revealed to them, humbling themselves before God, and selling not the signs of God for a little price. These shall have their reward with their Lord ; verily, God is quick at reckoning up.

200 O ye who believe ! be patient and vie in being patient[1], and be on the alert, and fear God, that haply ye may prosper.

The Chapter of Women.

(Ⅳ. Medînah.)

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

O ye folk ! fear your Lord, who created you from one soul, and created therefrom its mate, and diffused from them twain many men and women. And fear God, in whose name ye beg of one another, and the wombs ; verily, God over you doth watch[2].

And give unto the orphans their property, and give them not the vile in exchange for the good, and devour not their property to your own property; verily, that were a great sin. But if ye fear that ye cannot do justice between orphans, then marry what seems good to you of women, by twos, or threes, or fours ; and if ye fear that ye cannot be equitable, then only one, or what your right hands possess[3]. That keeps you nearer to not being partial.

And give women their dowries freely; and if they

  1. That is, with their enemies.
  2. That is, fear God, and pay respect to your mothers and wives.
  3. That is, female slaves.