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Ⅳ, 174–Ⅴ, 2.
the qur'ân.

O ye folk ! proof has come to you from your Lord, and we have sent down to you manifest light. As for those who believe in God, and take tight hold of Him, He will make them enter into mercy from Him and grace ; and He will guide them to Himself by a right way.

175 They will ask thee for a decision ; say, ‘ God will give you a decision concerning remote kinship.’[1]

If a man perish and have no child, but have a sister, let her have half of what he leaves ; and he shall be her heir, if she have no son. But if there be two sisters, let them both have two thirds of what he leaves ; and if there be brethren, both men and women, let the male have like the portion of two females. God makes this manifest to you lest ye err; for God all things doth know.

The Chapter of the Table.

(Ⅴ. Medînah.)

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

O ye who believe ! fulfil your compacts. — Lawful for you are brute beasts, save what is here recited to you, not allowing you the chase while ye are on pilgrimage; verily, God ordaineth what He will.

O ye who believe ! do not deem the monuments of God to be lawful, nor the sacred month[2], nor the offering, nor its neck garlands, nor those who sojourn at the sacred house, craving grace from their Lord and His pleasure.

  1. See note 1, p. 73.
  2. Mu′harram.