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Ⅵ, 31-41.
the chapter of cattle.

shall bear their burdens on their backs, evil is what they bear.

The life of this world is nothing but a game and a sport, and surely the next abode were better for those who fear. What ! do they not understand ?

Full well we know that verily that which they say grieves thee ; but they do not call thee only a liar, for the unjust gainsay the signs of God. Called liars too were apostles before thee ; but they were patient of being called liars and of being hurt until our help came to them ; for there is none to change the words of God — now has there come to thee the story of those He sent.

35 And if their turning from thee be hard for thee, and if thou canst seek for a shaft down into the earth, or a ladder up into the sky, to bring them a sign — but if God pleased He would bring them all to guidance, be thou not then of the ignorant.

He only answers the prayer of those who listen ; but the dead will God raise up, then unto Him shall they return. They say, ‘Unless there be sent down some sign from his Lord’ — say, ‘Verily, God is able to send down a sign, but most of them do not know.’

There is not a beast upon the earth nor a bird that flies with both its wings, but is a nation like to you ; we have omitted nothing from the Book ; then to their Lord shall they be gathered. Those who say our signs are lies — deafness, dumbness, in the dark ! whom He pleases does God lead astray, and whom He pleases He places on the right way.

40 Say, ‘Look you now ! if there should come God's torment, or there should come to you the hour, on other than God would ye call, if ye do tell the truth ?’ Nay, it is on Him that ye would call,