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122 the qur’ân. Ⅵ, 60-66.

land and in the sea ; and there falls not a leaf save that He knows it ; nor a grain in the darkness of the earth, nor aught that is moist, nor aught that is dry, save that is in His perspicuous Book.

60 He it is who takes you to Himself at night[1], and knows what ye have gained in the day; then He raises you up again, that your appointed time may be fulfilled ; then unto Him is your return, and then will He inform you of what ye have done.

He triumphs over His servants; He sends to them guardian angels, until, when death comes to any one of you, our messengers take him away; they pass not over any one, and then are they returned to God, their true sovereign.

Is not His the rule? but He is very quick at reckoning up.

Say, ‘Who rescues you from the darkness of the land and of the sea ?’ ye call upon Him in humility and in secret, ‘Indeed, if He would rescue us from this, we will surely be of those who give Him thanks.’ Say, ‘God rescues from the darkness thereof, and from every trouble, yet ye associate others with Him.’

65 Say, ‘He is able to send torment on you from above you and from beneath your feet, and to confuse you in sects, and to make some of you taste the violence of others.’

See how we turn about the signs, that haply they may discriminate. Thy people called it a lie, and yet it is the truth. Say, ‘I have not charge over you ; to every prophecy is a set time, and in the end ye shall know.’


  1. In sleep.