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Ⅵ, 67-73.
the chapter of cattle.

When thou dost see those who plunge deeply into the discussion of our signs, turn from them until they plunge deeply into some other discourse; for it may be that Satan may make thee forget ; but sit not, after thou hast remembered, with the unjust people.

Those who fear are not bound to take account of them at all, but mind !— haply they may fear.

Leave those who have taken their religion for a play and a sport, whom this world’s life hath deceived, and remind them thereby that a soul shall be given up for what it has earned ; nor has it, beside God, patron or intercessor; and though it should compensate with the fullest compensation, it would not be accepted. Those who are given up for what? they have gained, for them is a drink of boiling water, and grievous woe for that they have misbelieved.

70 Say, ‘Shall we call on what neither profits us nor harms us, and be thrown back upon our heels after God has guided us, like him whom Satan hath led away bewildered in the earth, who has companions who call him to guidance, “ Come to us ?”’ Say, ‘ Verily, God’s guidance is the guidance, and we are bidden to resign ourselves unto the Lord of the worlds, and be ye steadfast in prayer and fear Him, for He it is to whom we shall be gathered.’

He it is who has created the heavens and the earth in truth; and on the day when He says, ‘BE,’ then it is. His word is truth ; to Him is the kingdom on the day when the trumpets shall be blown ; the knower of the unseen and of the evident ; He is wise and well aware.