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Ⅹ, 53-62.
the chapter of jonah.

{{{1}}} ' They will ask thee to inform them whether it be true. Say, 'Aye, by my Lord! verily, it is the truth, nor can ye weaken him.'

55 And if every soul that hath done wrong had whatever is in the earth, it would give it as a ransom. They will utter their repentance when they see the torment; and it shall be decided between them with justice, nor shall they be wronged.

Is not indeed what is in the heavens and what is in the earth God’s? is not indeed the promise of God true? Though most of them know not. He quickens and He kills, and unto Him are ye returned!

O ye folk! there has come to you a warning from your Lord, and a balm for what is in your breasts, and a guidance and a mercy to believers.

Say, 'By the grace of God and by His mercy,—and in that let them rejoice! It is better than that which they collect!'

60 Let us see now what God has sent down to you of provision! and yet ye have made of it unlawful and lawful. Say, 'Does God permit you, or against God do ye forge lies?'

What will those who forge lies against God think on the resurrection day? Verily, God is Lord of grace towards men, but most of them do not give thanks!

Nor shalt thou be in any affair, nor shalt thou recite concerning it a Qurʼân[1]—nor shall ye do a work, without our being witness against you, when

  1. A portion of the Qurʼân. The word means reading.