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Ⅻ, 20-26.
the chapter of joseph.

20 And they sold him for a mean price, — drachmæ counted out, — and they parted with him cheaply.

And the man from Egypt who had bought him said to his wife, ‘Honour his abiding here ; it may be he will be of use to us, or we may adopt him as a son.’

Thus did we stablish Joseph in the land; and we did surely teach him the interpretation of sayings; for God can overcome His affairs, though most men do not know.

And when he had reached his strength[1] we brought him judgment and knowledge, for thus do we reward those who do good.

And she in whose house he was desired him for his person ; and she locked the doors and said, ‘Come along with thee !’ Said he, ‘Refuge in God ! verily, my Lord has made good my abiding here ; verily, the wrong-doers shall not prosper.’

And she was anxious for him, and he would have been anxious for her, had it not been that he saw the demonstration[2] of his Lord ; thus did we turn evil and fornication from him ; verily, he was of our sincere servants.

25 And they raced to the door and she rent his shirt from behind ; and they met her master at the door. Said she, ‘What is the recompense of him who wishes evil for thy family, but that imprisonment or a grievous torment?’

Said he, ‘She desired me for my person.’ And

  1. The age of puberty.
  2. The angel Gabriel in the form of his father appeared with a warning gesture, according to the Muslim commentators.