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ⅩⅩⅧ, 82-ⅩⅩⅨ, 1.
the chapter of the spider.

his place the day before said, 'Ah, ah! God extends provision to whom He pleases of His servants, or He doles it out; had not God been gracious to us, the earth would have cleft open with us! Ah, ah! the unbelievers shall not prosper!'

That is the future abode; we make it for those who do not wish to be haughty in the earth, nor to do evil, and the end is for the pious.

He who brings a good deed shall have better than it; and he who brings an evil deed—those who do evil deeds shall only be rewarded for that which they have done. 85 Verily, He who hath ordained the Qurʼân for thee will restore thee to thy returning place. Say, ' My Lord knows best who brings guidance, and who is in obvious error; nor couldst thou hope that the Book would be thrown to thee, save as a mercy from thy Lord! be not then a backer up of those who misbelieve; and let them not turn thee from the signs of God, after they have been sent down to thee; but call unto thy Lord and be not of the idolaters; and call not with God upon any other god; there is no god but He! everything is perishable, except His face; His is the judgment, and unto Him shall ye return!

The Chapter of the Spider. (ⅩⅩⅨ. Mecca.)

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

A. L. M. Do men then reckon that they will be left alone to say, 'We believe' and not be tried?