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ⅬⅩⅩⅩⅢ, 2-26
the qurʼân.

they measure against others take full measure ; but when they measure to them or weigh to them, diminish !

Do not these think that they shall be raised again 5 at the mighty day ? the day when men shall stand before the Lord of the worlds !

Nay, verily, the book of the wicked is in Siggîn[1]; and what shall make thee know what Siggîn is ? — a book inscribed !

10 Woe on that day for those who say it is a lie !

Who call the judgment day a lie ! but none shall call it a lie except every sinful transgressor, who, when our signs are read to him, says, ‘ Old folks’ tales !’

Nay, but that which they have gained has settled upon their hearts.

Nay, verily, 15 from their Lord on that day are they veiled ; and then, verily, they shall broil in hell ; then it shall be said, ‘ This is what ye once did call a lie !’

Nay, verily, the book of the righteous is in ʿIlliyûn[2]; and what shall make thee know what ʿIlliyûn is? — 20 a book inscribed ! those nigh to God shall witness it.

Verily, the righteous shall be in pleasure ; upon couches shall they gaze ; thou mayest recognise in their faces the brightness of pleasure; 25 they shall be given to drink wine that is sealed, whose

seal is musk ; for that then let the aspirants aspire !

  1. Siggîn, the ‘ prison ’ of hell, whence the register of the wicked is named.
  2. ʿIlliyûn means ‘ high places.’