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Science and Citizenship

List of Books for Reading and Reference.


  1. "Life and Labour of People in London." Charles Booth. (Macmillan.)
  2. "Poverty." Seebohm Rowntree. (Macmillan.)
  3. "Housing Conditions of Manchester and Salford." T. R. Marr. (Manchester.)
  4. "The Example of Germany." T. C. Horsfall. (Manchester University Press.)


  1. "Anticipation." H. G. Wells.
  2. "Mankind in the Making." H. G. Wells.
  3. "A Modern Utopia." H. G. Wells.
  4. "To-morrow: A Scheme of Garden Cities." Ebenezer Howard.
  5. "City Development." Patrick Geddes. (Edinburgh, and St. George Press, Bournville.)


  1. "General View of Positivism." A. Comte. Translated by Dr. Bridges. (Reeves & Turner.)

IV. Periodicals.

  1. La Science Sociale, Edited by E. Demolins.
  2. Sociological Papers, published annually by Macmillan for the Sociological Society, 5 Old Queen Street, Westminster, S.W. (Vide especially vols. i. and ii., articles on "Eugenics" by Mr. Francis Galton, and on "Civics" by Professor Geddes.)