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of difficulties quite above their ſtrength, difficulties

which they look to aſ a Worm to a mountain before

it. 2.Cor I, 8: For we would not, Brethren, have

you ignorant of our trouble which came to us in Aſia,

that we were preſſed out of meaſure, above ſtrength,

insomuch that we deſpaired even of life. However

firm the way to hell be, the way to heaven will be a

mountainous way in the experience of all that travel

it: they will never want mountains in the way till

they come to the hill of God.

Secondly: They muſt not go about the mountains in

their ways, threshing the difficulties which God calls

them to; but they must make their way over them,

threſhing them down: Mic iv, 13 Ariſe and threſh,

O daughters of Zion: for I will make thine horn iron,

and thy bow braſs and thou ſhalt beat in pieces many

people. If they offer to go about one mountain they

will be ſure to meet with a higher one in their about-

gate; Peter tried it, in denying his Maſter, and found

it ſo, encountering another as high above the former,

as the anger of God is above that of the creature and

which was like to cruſh him. Matt xxvi, 75: 'He

went out and wept bitterly.'

Thirdly: Therefore Worm Jacob falls a threſhing

mountains, combatting the difficulties the Lord lays in

his way. He puts on a ſhow for a (illegible text) and reso-

lutely (illegible text) his weak hands and feet threſhing for-

ward (illegible text) Gen xxxii, 26 Matt xii,

20. For there is a ſpirit in Worm Jacob more daring

and venturous than ever was in any unbelieving hero.

A ſpirit for threſhing of mountains while they did but

ſcatter mole-hills. Numb xiv, 24. Prov xvi, 32.

Fourth: They continue the combatting of difficulties

reſolutely and patiently. Threſhing is a continued

action conſiſting of repeating ſtrokes: it takes ſome

time to threſh a ſheath, how much more to threſh a

mountain. It is the ruin of many that they are not

able to endure. If a ſtroke or two would do the buſi-

neſs, they would bring their matters to a good account