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What are you going to stand?

Queer scenes now are all the go,
You cannot say I'm wrong;
And there is one I'd have you know,
I've worked into a song.
Go where I will-in every street,
I'm shook, Sirs, by the hand,
No matter who it is I meet,
What are you going to stand?

One morn I'd been to get some cash
From a swell at the west end;
Resolv'd I was to cut a dash,
When I met with a friend.
I told him of the errand I'd been,
When he takes me by the hand,
I’m glad to hear't. my boy, says he,
What are you going to stand?

Says I, I doesn't mind a drop
My spirits for to rouse;
So then we toddles in a shop
Near to Somerset house.
Inside a lot began to shout,
As if 't had been a plan;
It is not often we get you out,
Now what are you going to stand?

I spent, Sirs, very near a crown,
My cash was getting shorter.
For the liquor it went rolling down,

As though it had been water.