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In Verse.


Who can our souls in every trouble stay c;
And that we should with and for others pray d.
a Isa. Ixiv. 9. b Luke xi. 13. c Psalm xlvi. 1. d Eph. vi. 18.
Q. What do we pray for in the first request? 102
A. We, in the first petition thus exprest,
(Thy name be hallow'd,) pray that the Most High
Would make ourselves and others glorify
Him in all things by which he is reveal'd a;
And cause his works him glory due to yield b
a Psalm lxvii. 1, 2, 3. b Rom. xi. 36.
Q. And in the second, what do we entreat? 103
A. In this (Thy kingdom come) we ask defeat
To Satan's kingdom a, that the reign of grace
May o'er this earth succeed in every place b,
And that the reign of glory soon may be
Begun, to last throughout eternity c.
a Psalm lxviii. 1. b Psalm li. 18. 2 Thess, iii. 1. Rom. x.l.
c Rev. xxii. 20.
Q. What ask we in the third, which thus doth run, 104
( And as in heaven, on earth thy will be done?)
A. That by his grace God freely would bestow
A mind with pow'r and willingness to know,
Obey, and be submissive to his will a,
Ev'n as the angels who it all fulfil b,
a Psalm cxix. 34, 35, 36. Acts xxi. 14. b Psalm ciii. 20, 22.
Q. What do we in the fourth petition crave, 105
(May we each day our daily bread receive?)
A. In this we pray that God would freely grant
Of this world's good sufficient for each want a,
And that his gracious blessing may attend
Whate'er his goodness may be pleas'd to send b.
a Prov. xxx, 8. b Psalm xc. 17.
Q. What do we in the fifth petition crave, 106
(Forgive our debts as debtors we forgive?)
A. In this request we to Jehovah pray,
For Jesus' sake to wash our sins away a,
In which request we holy boldness find,
Since by his grace we can forgive mankind b.
a Psalm li. 1. b Matth. vi. 14.