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The Shorter Catechism,

Q. And in the sixth, what's meant when we implore,
(And lead us not into temptation's power, 107
But keep us safe in every evil hour?)
A. In this we earnestly our God beseech,
To keep us always from temptation's reach a;
Or, when temptations strong beset our way,
That he would prove our constant help and stay b.
a Matt. xxvi. 41. Psalm xix. 13. b Psalm li. 10, 12.
Q. What's clearly taught us, can you now declare,
By the conclusion of this holy prayer, 108
(For thine's the kingdom, thine the power to reign,
And thine the glory, evermore. Amen?)
A. In this conclusion it is fully shown
That we in prayer should hope in God alone,
That only him we should by prayer implore a,
And in our prayers him rev'rently adore,
Ascribing to him, as Jehovah true,
The kingdom, power, and glory that is due b;
And should, in proof we wish our 'quests to gain,
And trust he hearkens to them, add, Amen c.
a Dan. ix. 18. b 1 Chron. xxix. 11, 13. c Rev. xxii. 20.


In God, the Almighty Father, I believe,
From whom all things did being first receive :
My faith is also firmly fix'd upon
Our Lord and Saviour, Christ his only Son ;
Who was conceived by the Sp'rit Divine,
And of a virgin born, of David's line,
Condemn'd by Pilate, by his own denied,
Hung on the cross, where, suffering sore, he died,
Who was entomb'd, and in death's fetters lay,
Till dawn'd the third, the heav'n-appointed day;
Then he, arising, burst death's mighty band,
To heav'n ascended, and at God's right hand,
Now sits in glory, and ere long shall come
To judge the world, and take his ransom'd home.
I in the Holy Ghost believe, and, too,
In Christ's Church holy, Catholic and true,
The sweet communion of the saints below;
That God shall pardon to our sins bestow,
And that from dust our bodies shall again
Awake to life for evermore, Amen.