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24 Hymns

So teaches my Bible ;—but this is not all,
For, tho’ human-kind were undone by the fall,
Yet God, out of mercy and infinite love,
To redeem them from death, sent his Son from above;
And all who believe in him never shall die,
But exchange this abode for a home in the sky;
Where sin cannot enter our pleasure to blight—
Where the presence of God fills each heart with delight!
Where the arches of heav’n shall eternally ring
With the song which the ransom’d of Jesus shall sing;
While the angels, enraptur’d, the sweet chorus raise,
And never grow weary of hymning his praise!—
The thought how transporting !—O can it be true,
That these eyes my Redeemer in glory shall view?
That these ears shall be charm’d with the anthem of bliss?
That this tongue shall with angels that anthem express?
Yes—answers my Bible, with promise divine ;
Then thanks be to God that the Bible is mine!


SINNER, haste ! see arrows flying,
Swift from death’s unerring bow;
See, around thee, thousands dying,
By those poison’d shafts laid low.
Sinner, haste ! the grave is yawning
To receive thy mortal clay!
Heed not pleasure’s fatal fawning ;
Haste, O sinner, haste away!
Haste, and look not once behind thee,—
Fiends from hell thy soul pursue!
And, if out of Christ they find thee,
What, poor sinner, wilt thou do?
Haste, the Saviour is intreating;
All he asks, and hinders none;
Haste, the hour of mercy’s fleeting—
Soon it shall be ever gone!