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Ord. No. 79/75
(ii) the loss of services of a woman or girl in consequence of her rape or seduction;
(iii) the inducement of one spouse to leave or remain apart from the other;
(b) any action or proceeding in respect of a maintenance agreement within the meaning of section 14 of the (Cap. 192.)Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Ordinance;
(c) any action by a money-lender licensed under the (Cap. 163.)Money-lenders Ordinance for the recovery of any money lent, or the enforcement of any agreement or security made or taken in respect of money lent;
(d) any action that lies within the jurisdiction of the (Cap. 25.)Labour Tribunal established under the Labour Tribunal Ordinance.

2. Any claim for the recovery of any penalty, expenses, contribution or other amount which is recoverable by virtue of any enactment and for the recovery of any amount which is declared by any enactment to be recoverable as a civil debt if—

(a) it is not expressly provided by that or any other enactment that the demand shall be recoverable only in some other court; and
(b) the amount claimed does not exceed $3,000.

For the purposes of this paragraph, “penalty” shall not include a fine imposed on the conviction of any person for an offence.

[s. 5.]

Consequential Amendments

(Cap. 5.)Official
The Schedule is amended by inserting, after item 5, the following—
“6. Any Small Claims Tribunal.”.
(Cap. 11.)Oaths and
Paragraph 1 of Part II of this Schedule applies.

The Third Schedule is amended by deleting—

District Judge
Presiding Officer Labour Tribunal
The Oaths to be tendered by a Judge.”

and substituting the following—

District Judge
Presiding Officer Labour Tribunal
Adjudicator, Small Claims Tribunal
The Oaths to be tendered by a Judge.”